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For general enquiries, please use the form opposite or email us at:



If you would like a quote for a set of hoops, and you know what specification you are after, please provide as much information as you can from the list below.


Alternatively, if you are looking for guidance on what specification of hoops would suit you, or looking to purchase as a gift, please email us at enquiries@hellenic-hoops.co.uk.




  • What you want the wheels for: commuting, training, CycloCross, MTB/trails?

  • Your tyre width

  • Quick Release (QR) or through axle

  • Front, rear or both

  • If a rear wheel, your derailleur size (for example 9, 10, 11 speed)

  • Aero or standard rims

  • Your weight

  • Your budget

  • Your Outside Lock Diameter (OLD)


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