H E L L E N I C   H O O P S


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We are a small independent business based in Hampshire, UK.  


We offer hand-built wheels along with a truing, repair and maintenance service for your existing wheels.  

Our aim is to provide you with a quality wheel, built to your requirements, with a performance that exceeds expectations.


My journey started when I began building wheels for myself and for a few close friends.  

Seeing those wheels being ridden gave me a huge sense of satisfaction and helped me make the decision to set up Hellenic Hoops.  

I went on to continue by training with Downland Cycles in Kent.


And if you’re wondering, we have Greek roots....hence the name.  


Hellenic Hoops is a Division of LGKP Enterprises Ltd, Company Registered in England No:09536743.



'Having purchased a few mass produced wheels in the past, I had Hellenic Hoops build me a replacement. We had a good discussion about what rim and hub would suit me best from what type of riding I do. After a year they are still going strong and running true! I also noticed a increase in speed which is always a good thing! I ride criteriums and training sessions on the same set, so they go through a lot, which is testament to how well they are built'. Adrian.


'From start to finish George has been extremely professional. The workmanship building the wheels is top notch and the quality shows. He has an in depth knowledge into all things wheels related - with a real eye for the best quality components that your require, not necessarily the items the media tell you you need, but the items that suit your ride perfectly! 4,000km in and still running perfectly true - which is really saying something on these British roads!'. Tom.